• Guidelines for threads in Ask NewFC

    Please ensure you follow these simple rules before making a new thread.

    • Use the search feature to see if your question has been discussed before; chances are good that it has.
    • Do your best to clearly explain your question. If you're asking for recommendations, list specific criteria
    • Use a descriptive title that sums up your question. "Vaporizer advice" is not a descriptive title.
    • Model-specific questions should be asked in the corresponding model thread in the Vaporizers sub-forum.
    • Model comparisons belong here, not in a model-specific thread.
    • If you're suggesting a model for someone who has started a thread, explain why the model(s) you propose should be considered by the OP.

    Thanks for helping us help you.

  • NewFC is now officially an archive. Please go to FuckCombustion for more information. If you have an account there, use it. If you changed your account name when you registered here, use your FC account. If you did not have an FC account, please register one. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

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