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Rules for Commercial Accounts

Information For Members With a Commercial Interest

Thank you for your interest in our site. Before posting you will need to read through the information on this page and have your account approved.


We allow manufacturers and company reps to post on behalf of their products, providing that they are sure to abide by our forum rules and the rules outlined here. Please read them carefully as we do take them seriously and every post you make will need to abide by them.

After your account is approved, you’re welcome to create a thread for your product (if one does not already exist) to provide information and interact with customers, but be prepared for a gauntlet of questions and comments.

The following points provide a brief overview of what we expect from company representatives.

  • Keep your posts professional.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t post about your product in any thread where your product isn’t the primary and central topic of discussion.
  • Don’t post about any product you don’t make unless it’s a 100% positive post.

Here’s a detailed explanation of what we expect:

  • As a representative of a company, you’re allowed to provide information on your product(s), but a post hyping your product that doesn’t include any new info, or isn’t in response to a member’s question (basically a “sales” oriented post), would not be allowed. Your posts should be professional and fairly impersonal. Even saying that you think your product is the best value, best performer, whatever, is likely to spark a response from someone and put you in a bad position, since it would be difficult to detail why your product is better without downgrading another brand/model. If you do so, fine, but don’t be surprised if you get a response that challenges your opinion and makes a good response from you not possible within the rules.
  • You can’t mention another company’s product unless it’s an informational post in response to a member question or incorrect statement, like “our design uses …, while the xyz design uses…”. Even there, you’d be better be absolutely certain that your statement about the other company’s design is 100% factual, and that your statement doesn’t imply in any way that your design is better. On the other hand, members are free to compare your product to another company’s product. They should not be asking you for a response that involves comparing your product to someone else’s, and you should either ignore the post, or just state that you’re only allowed to provide info, not comparisons to other brands.
  • You can’t post in a thread that’s about another company’s product unless it’s a 100% positive post, and you can’t mention your products at all unless the thread is about a product your company produces. Members will have more freedom in what they can post than you will. I’m sure it’ll be a little frustrating, but we know where we want to draw the lines in order to keep discussion civil. We’ve structured our rules and moderation to maintain a friendly, peaceful atmosphere, and that will continue to be our goal.
  • If a member gets personal with you, loses their temper, or breaks the forum rules in any way, you should ignore the post and not respond. We urge all members to report an out-of-line post and not respond to it, since a response tends to start an argument, and it often gets out of bounds.
  • If any member sends you an email and wants to discuss or ask about anything that’s out of bounds on the forum, feel free to say whatever you want. We don’t extend forum rules to private communications; however, anything discussed off the forum that’s outside the forum rules, can’t be brought back into the forum for discussion. We won’t allow members to do that either.
  • If a member has a problem with one of your products, such as it not working right, didn’t get delivery yet, etc., and addresses you with the issue, please tell them to contact you using your normal support channels. Giving them an email address and/or phone number is fine. You’re not here to deal with specific customer issues, and we’d rather not subject other members to reading about some problem that they have no interest in. This type of thing does happen, and we continue to discourage members from bringing these personal issues to the forum.
  • We expect products to meet basic electrical safety standards, and we reserve the right to label a product as potentially unsafe if we determine that the standards aren’t met.

These manufacturer rules are a work in progress and if any of these restrictions aren’t clear, or you have any questions on anything, please feel free to contact us. While we welcome manufacturers, the forum has to be set up primarily for members. We feel that there are pluses when manufacturers post, both for them and the members. We require a little more civility and respect from members when a manufacturer is posting, but we require more still from the manufacturer, because we’ve found that it’s necessary in some cases, and unfortunately, the rules have to apply to all manufacturers, not just the ones who have given us trouble.

We hope you can work within our restrictions. We can’t promise that things will go as smoothly as you’d like. We have some tough members here, but they should be tough because they’re knowledgeable, not tough because they’re troublemakers. Feel free to ignore any posts that don’t require factual info as a response. If a member specifically addresses you about info, it’d be a good idea to respond (within your limitations), but if it’s just an opinion that you don’t agree with, even if addressed to you, responding may just be argumentative and not a good idea. In general, opinions are for members, and you're here to provide info. Keep in mind that you have no ownership of the thread, even if you'd started it.

Good luck and best wishes for success on the forum!

Accessory Makers

We provide community members who make and sell products an “accessory maker” status. They can create a thread for their project where they can post information and interact with customers. In this position they will be held to a higher standard than normal members and are expected to carefully abide by the rules at all times. What and where they can post could be limited by this position. Please read the “Manufacturers” section above for a general idea of what will be expected.


We allow vape dealers to post in threads provided that these conditions are met:

  • You are permitted to make a thread in the Retailers subforum, where you can make announcements and provide customer information. New threads will have to be approved by a moderator before they become public.
  • No promotion of your site allowed in your posts except in your dedicated thread. This means you can't announce anywhere else that you are having a sale, or that you have new inventory of XYZ vape, etc.
  • All posts must be informational and factual about products and not merely promotional in nature (such as "this vape is great, you should get one"). Responding to inquiries in a thread is fine, such as answering a question like "what's the battery capacity of XYZ vape?" or "is the joint 14mm or 18mm?"
  • Don't perform customer service in a thread, even your own. Direct customer service issues to your regular customer service channels. If a member asks you directly about your business (orders, sales, stock, RMAs etc.) in a thread other than your own, do not reply. Direct them to your thread or take it up with the member via PM.

If you are unsure if a post would be ok under this new policy, please contact us for guidance prior to posting.

We do not run advertisements and we are not looking for sponsors.

Bloggers and Reviewers

If you blog about cannabis or review cannabis-related products, you are also considered a commercial member even if you do not derive income from your activity. You are free to post subject to these rules:

  • You are allowed to include a link to your site in your signature, but you are cannot promote your site anywhere else.
  • We do not allow affiliate links. If your site uses them, you cannot post them here.
  • You can post a link to your review of a product in the product-related thread, but not elsewhere.
  • Bloggers can post a link to an on-topic blog in a thread, but not elsewhere.

If you need clarification of this policy, please contact us.

Getting Approved

If you’re comfortable with all of the above and ready to get started please contact us clearly stating:

  1. Your company affiliation and position.
  2. Your intentions on the forum.
  3. That you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules.
  4. Your forum username (you can go ahead and register now if you haven’t already).

When your account is approved We’ll let you know and you’ll also see a small banner under your membername denoting your account type. Please keep in mind that any co-workers or other company representatives will also need to obtain approval before posting.


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