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IRC (Chatroom) Rules

NewFC Chatroom Rules

NewFC Chatroom Rules

The NewFC IRC channel (chatroom) is meant to be a fun and friendly environment for the community to chat and talk vapes. While the real-time format may be less formal than the forum, basic forum rules still apply. Please be respectful and mature at all times.

Chat Rules

  • These rules exist to keep the chatroom fun, informative and manageable.
  • Rules are interpreted and applied at staff discretion. To discuss staff decisions, please take it up in private with a channel operator.
  • All users must be treated in a respectful and adult manner. Flaming and/or trolling will not be tolerated.
  • Do not post anything hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or discriminatory. This applies to nicknames as well.
  • Do not flood the channel. This includes rapid nickname changes.
  • If someone is breaking the rules, please do not confront them yourself. Simply /MSG or /QUERY a channel operator and explain the situation. Logs will help.

General Chat Etiquette

  • If a discussion is in progress please wait for an appropriate time to change the topic. If you would like to carry on a separate conversation with someone, simply use /MSG or /QUERY.
  • For your own protection and ours, please do not ask about buying or selling drugs of any kind.
  • Please keep discussion of non-naturally occurring substances in private messages.
  • Registering your nickname protects it from being used by others.
  • You do not have to be registered on NewFC to use the channel, but if you are registered then it is courteous to use your NewFC member name in the channel. You can change your chat nickname with the /NICK command.

Thank you and enjoy the channel!

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