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About NewFC

How we got here and where we hope to go

Welcome to the NewFuckCombustion Lifeboat.

This forum has been created in anticipation of the demise of our beloved forum FuckCombustion.

As many members know, vtac, the founder and sole administrator of FC, has been absent for many months—since April 14, 2018 to be exact. Unfortunately, he did not leave anyone with enough power to perform several important administrative tasks. This situation has slowly deteriorated to the point where we felt we either had to abandon the site and the community, or take drastic action. We therefore built a lifeboat.

These are the problems FC is facing:

  • The owner and administrator, vtac hasn’t been heard from for over two years.
  • The domain is registered only until October 26, 2020. We don't know if it will be renewed. We expect that it won't.
  • Hosting service renewal is anyone’s guess, although it is likely tied to domain renewal.
  • The forum software hasn’t been updated since vtac left and the current version is no longer supported.
  • We are unable to update critical parts of FC without an admin (maintain rules, add/remove staff, assign members to groups such as Retailer, etc.)
  • The database is showing increasing signs of instability. This is not yet apparent to members but quite noticeable to moderators.
  • We do not know if the database is backed up, and even if it is, we don't have the access needed to restore a backup.
  • The daily bombardment of spammers is maddening and difficult to manage. We lack the ability to strengthen the registration procedure.
  • FC does not support SSL (https).

All attempts to contact vtac have failed. If FC goes offline for any reason, this community ceases to exist. With reluctance, we have bought a new domain and purchased the latest version of the forum software. We are building a new forum that fixes the problems. We are striving for a familiar look but with the many enhancements that come with the latest software. There will be differences but we hope they will be positive.

One difference is sponsorship. While FC has several sponsors and we know some of them would gladly provide financial support, we do not have sponsors and we are not looking for sponsors.

Meanwhile, we will try to get everyone moved over to the new FC as best we can. This will not be easy and we will have to leave behind much of the vast knowledge base that has built up at FC. We can only keep our fingers crossed that it does not disappear, but realistically, that is the most likely outcome. There have been efforts by some valued members of the FC community to back up the content, but at present we do not know how to integrate this into NewFC. If we can, we will try to make this available in some form.

Thanks for reading this, and let's all try to make the best of our new home.

Stu & pakalolo

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