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Arizer ArGo


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my daily for a while now too. form factor and heating time and ease of cleaning plus easily removed/recharged battery = almost perfect. hopefully the next iteration (if there's one coming) can shrink it down even further.


I like my Argo for out-and-about usage, and also sitting inside. The ease of loading and engaging quickly in cannabis consumption appeals to my lazy nature. The ability to swap charged batteries for spent ones means no down time.
In a more civilized world you'd simply had it to your 'vape bearer' who would quickly (and quietly) clean and reload it, check the charge (replacing the battery as needed) wipe it off and place it back at your elbow.

Not much work for 'gun bearers' these days you know........

BTW, I love that photo, makes it look like you're hanging around some big time resort with the beach just out of view.




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I don't have an Argo yet but I have some solos and an air I thought I'd just like to check this thread out as well. Good to see everybody on the new site


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I am looking at Argo for my sister. she likes portability and rugged build, so you can drop it without shattering anything. it’s just a little above price range, but is it worth the 159 smtg bucks? and how does it work with bubblers, is there an adapter? many thanks :)


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The ArGo shines especially if you have a couple extra batteries. No downtime. I pair the ArGo to my glass. All my glass is 18mm. I use a small piece of silicone tubing at the end of the glass stem/ bowl because I prefer the mouth-feel vs glass. If I use a 18 to 14 mm reducer, it mates wonderfully. Otherwise, you can purchase an adaptor like this which works with Mighty, Solo, ArGo, any pen style, etc. from Nearly Universal Vape Waterpipe Adapter (Medium)
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I have to say tbh I’m pretty disappointed with the Argo. For one it had a really plasticky taste for the first 5-10 bowls after numerous pre burn offs, thankfully that’s gone now but I almost called it quits on that. Now it gets you medicated but it’s far far far from delivering satisfying hits and the stock stem is way too short/hot. Flavor is decent but I think people claiming top tier flavor off Arizer haven’t actually tasted top tier flavor, the elev8r is a world beyond this. I guess it’s a decent unit if you can catch it on sale, I don’t think there’s much electronic wise that will knock it out until you drop a solid bit more cash on the tinymight/tetra range of vapes. It also makes a bit of an annoying whistle when you vape.
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