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Cool Music to Vape to


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Lost in the vapor trails . . .
This is a continuation of the FuckCombustion.com thread 'Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2' which can be found here.

I absolutely love Nightmates On Wax, and if you haven't ever listened, I would definitely recommend it.

To celebrate it's 25th anniversary, NOW have recently re-released their second album 'Smokers Delight' on double green & red vinyl, in an awesome metallic gatefold sleeve, including a roach card insert.

I'm happy to say, even after 25 years, the album still holds strong . . . . except these days, for me, it's a vaper's delight - no roach required :tup:

Nightmares On Wax have always been my go-to for chilled beat delicacies . . . so now, if you fancy, kick back & check out the suitably titled 'Pipes Honour' right here . . .

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