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Ditanium vaporizer

This thread is a continuation of the oldFC thread that can be found here. Ditanium vaporizer
The Ditanium is a dual purpose vaporizer,that can do both flowers and concetrates at the same time ,featuring ceramic rod heater and titanium and quartz heater cover.

Ditanium Vapor Exclusive Features:

  • All-in-one vaporizer experience. Versatile titanium heater cover works with herbs, liquids, or extracts.
  • Standard glass hand-piece can be used for hands free vaporization.
  • Optional quick screen change titanium hand-piece with glass handle. Glass handle allows hands-free when screen is not needed.
  • Mouthpiece is compatible with 14mm ground glass joints. Connects directly to rigs and water pipes.
  • Dual function carb-cap for low temperature pulls, and aromatherapy. Bowl area for essential oils, incense, and liquid fragrances.

    European can get the 220v version right here . Ditanium Vaporizer
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