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Diy G43


I've made a few of these :)

I use male and female whip adapters for small ones (using a dremel to cut some holes for the air inlet and post the wires in through the sidearm which also makes a nice handle)
Or 3 way adapters and claisen adapters for bigger ones, and post the wires in through the sidearm to keep them out of the airpath.

These 3 ways are my favourites at the moment

My latest build I used 4ohms of 26gauge SS wire which is wrapped as a 6mm coil in the male end and 8mm in the middle for use either way up, which I always planned to power with a step down converter (hence the 4ohm coil)

For anyone building these things you need to do some maths using ohms law 1st
And use the steam engine tools to calculate the length of wire

And please be sure your power supply or batteries and wiring can handle the current the circuit will demand

Mikroweed Duck

Active Member
battery safety is not a big thing for me. my coils are between 0.6 and 1.1 ohms. with a sony vtc 4 or 5a, nothing should happen in continuous fire up to 20W.
When I think of the horror batteries of the Tera .. what did they think? completely dangerous battery chemi. the batteries were over 80 degrees hot. My not even warm by hand. do you have a picture of your vape?
The 3er coil from the old theme looks blatant. a wooden cover would be a nice replacement for all the plastic and insulation material.
Mikroweed Duck,
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