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DynaVap VapCap


In the beginning, there was smoke. This primordial soup, was a mixture of gas, dust and small amounts of vapor.
The convergence of these elements in conjunction with a spark of creativity initiated ....

And thus, the expansion of the DynaVerse was set in motion.

A continuation of the legacy FC thread
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In the beginning I smoked, and then in the middle I smoked too, then . . . I found Dynavap!

My weed has never tasted better, lasted longer or been anywhere near as healthy. Dynavap is the new Rizzla, smoking papers in the car glove box, or tool box draw is old news people - These days you rock an 'M'

Now when is @stark1 going to get this party started in here. .
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Glad to see the @DynaVap thread, Here, on the NEW FC!

For ALL Vapcap fans, new and seasoned, Because a "Best Of Vapcap" thread, composed of 2 pages of THE BEST VAPCAP KNOWLEDGE, out of 2049 pages...
is a terrible thing to waste! :rofl:

(And because I care. :rockon:)

I've used Firefox to PDF the 2 pages of the thread and upped them to my Gdrive. (zipped) :tup:

PLUS here's the link to that thread, in case you wanna check it out and make a backup, directly, yourself.

Read those 2 pages FIRST, and you'll ALREADY be 100%
AHEAD of the game!

Here's to many MORE capfuls together as she grows. :D

Happy Vaping! :leaf: :spliff:
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http://instagr.am/p/B84bkxGpBHU/ My titanium tip on strong arm adapter is my second most used vape after my Weedeater, their prices have a pretty wide divide so it really shouldn't be a fair fight but my Dynavap holds its own in my lineup and I use it nearly daily. I use it when I really want to micro dose, with my Induction heater I can split a bowl into 5 hits taking one every 20 minutes to a couple of hours. You might be thinking that the Weedeater is a able micro doser why not solely use it? Why use the Dynavap at all? The things that keep me coming back to my Dynavap and my answer it two fold. First 1 full hit off a Dynavap is a minuscule dose, less than a full Weedeater hit. Why not just take a smaller hit? Taking a big full size hit somewhat fools me into perhaps thinking that I'm a little higher than I actually am, taking a partial hit just for whatever reason just doesn't feel right or as satisfying. Second reason is when my insomnia is raging and I'm waking up in the middle of the night in need of a session to help me get back to bed as fast as possible, that leaves the Weedeater at a disadvantage needing at least a 10 minute heat soaking before use and it is far too dangerous to leave on at night so I can't have it waiting for me. The less dangerous option for a possibility groggy and not totally with it Bad Dog is the Dynavap and IH it is ready in a instant and I can burn though a bowl in a couple minutes and be back in bed while it starts to kick.

I'll always have a very fond memory of the first time I used to, that first hit being so strong and hitting so hard I was sure that I combusted but opening it up and still being green blew me away lol. It's also my go to portable for being out of the house...... not that I have been lately.
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