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Glass recommendation please


I thought i was going to order one of the new vape 9.5" bent neck pieces, but prices look like that have almost doubled?! I thought I remember them being $65 not too long ago.

What I like about new vapes piece:
- Bent neck
- looks like thick glass
- not a crazy amount of diffusers
- between 9-12in

Ive been browsing dhgate and haven't been overly impressed. Seeing if anyone here has some suggestions for something comparable.



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Perhaps repost in the Cheap High Quality Bubbler thread, you will likely get more feedback with as many people that follow that thread.

Outside of DHGate, I've become a big fan of TAG.


I am also a fan of TAG's offerings. I have one of their 18mm hammerhead pieces and it is indeed a piece of thick ass glass.

AugustHause has this seed of life puck perc I have been eying for $50, they used to have other models in stock but I guess not anymore.


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New vape looks really nice. But i am happy with my easy flow.

Performance wise my easy flow bong is really smooth, even at dry hits. The thing with easy flow is. the percolators look askew and the built in chillum might be a bit off to but this does not seem to effect the performance.

If you really care about things like how it looks buy a New vape. Easyflows are good bongs performance wise.
But with new vape bongs it just looks more classy and percolators etc are not askewed.

Does someone know a european website for new vape bongs? I will follow this topic.
To bad the prices have gone up for the new vape, also hard to get it in europe i think.
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