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Mr.Hotbox Herb Oven

This thread is a continuation of an OldFC thread. The Herb Oven by Mr.Hotbox
  • The Mr. Hotbox Herb Oven allows you to consume flower at a precise temperature with your Mr. Hotbox.
  • Compatible with 14mm & 18mm female joint.
  • Includes heat exchanger, main body, flowercartridge, chisel dabber and base
  • Machined in the USA
The e-nail controller itself is also very high end and expensive and it is based of DC power. Here is some info about it if you are interested Mr. Hotbox FAQS (6).pdf



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Seems to me a new take on Flowerpot concept for half the price! Do you have some sort of radar for upcoming vapes Abysmal?
with that ASCII art of an username you are untaggable in newFc! ;)
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