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I know I'm dumb late, but yall canceled the shower head.... That was not the best move. That's a really good head.

Very happy I have it vrod and other things is too much for my simple self and weedeater takes away the occasional dab.

Gotta say, that's a very weird choice. I love mine, feel bad for those who don't have the option.

Also just feels like an obvious in-between choice.
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I seemed to remember on the old site NVs plan was to keep all showerhead parts in stock, hopefully they are just a bit behind on them. I agree that it should stick around as it is a really good head.

Recently, after like 18 months of owning my vrod, the last 8 months I have been almost exclusively using my vrod, I finally put it away a couple weeks ago and pulled the showerhead back out. It really is a beast for flower.:spliff:

I leave my shower cap on at all times, with no handle so it is really stable. I decided to drill another hole in my cap opposite the single stock hole to open up air flow a bit too. I find the SH cooks the herb more evenly depth-wise, especially on bigger packs.

The length of the diffuser on the showerhead is like 1/3 longer than the vrod/weedeater and I find it makes a noticeable difference, and it is quicker to recover/harder to overwhelm. :science:

Though I do understand it adds clutter to the site and probably stresses out some new customers with too many choices now that the weedeater kind of takes its place.

I would guess as long they're around its not ever necessarily gone though considering it probably isn't that hard for them to make more because all of the development is done.

Hope everyone is enjoying their FPs! Coming up on my 2nd anniversary since I got my SH and I still use one or the other daily. If I am vaping flower, 99% of the time I am using a flowerpot. If I am home, my flowerpot is on, and I'm home quite a bit, especially recently.

I use a chinese controller I bought 3 years ago with a 40$ vapecode coil, I've only lost one coil so far and luckily it just went EEEE and went cold as opposed to heating up red hot as I've read from other people. I am still rotating the first 2 screens I started with. I really appreciate the fact that my flowerpots will be working for the rest of my life with relatively little upkeep. A coil here, some screens there, on a really bad day maybe a new controller.

Here's to another 2 years, and many more!
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