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Paying it Forward: The Mission Continues


Tucson, AZ
Hello all.
For those who do not already know me.. I am Vito.
I am a coma survivor that was legally dead a number of times. I broke every bone on the left side of my body, and most on my right... and I slept.
The doctors explained in 2004 that I was a "miracle", because I lived.
I did not only live, but I learned to talk, and walk (on a cane or walker) and flourish.
I met the love of my life, and it lasted for 14 years, but unfortunately, alcohol consumed her and I am alone.
Alone... but alive!
Since 2009 I have been BETA testing Vaporizers... and "Paying it Forward".
The vaporizers I tested... once I was done, I donated to Low-Income, terminally ill/chronically ill patients that have Arizona Medical Marijuana Cards.
I knew.. and know the need for this... I am one of them!
Local Doctors send me weekly lists of legitimate patients that have Cards, who have proof of low or no income.
This thread, started on the original Fuck Combustion, and can be viewed at: Paying it Forward - A New Direction
Blessings to PhotoRider.. (now gone, but never forgotten) and the staff of "OGFC" for their needed encouragement, for their were trying times, and times of doubt...
BUT, we made it!
I have kept one of the Nations poorest populations.. the terminally/chronically ill/homeless patients, with low or no income... in vaporizers and meds... and spare parts... and managed to check on those that stayed with us for 11 years.
This amazing feat, started by a very small amount of $, stashed away, and one bargain at a time I bought vaporizers at low costs. This was slow work, but the MIRACLE was accomplished by members of the more affluent local citizens, Vape retailers, and Vape Manufacturers.. AND MEMBERS OF THE ORIGINAL FUCK COMBUSTION, who generously and fervently spurred me forward to make one of the poorest populations in the U.S.A., one of the most educated and well equipped "Vapor Educated Populations" on the whole in most of the U.S.A..

**Background and Credits:
The Original Administrator of Fuck Combustion (vtac) was familiar with my work, and personally helped me.
He suggested I get help from my FC community, but I was shy.
He started that thread on the Old FC, and since, my efforts have been encouraged by all of FC.
@pakalolo and @Stu have been in the forefront of this charitable challenge for years now.
They have never done anything less than support this work...
...and now they show their true colors, by keeping the Old FC alive as long as possible, in case vtac ever comes back> LOYALTY AND PERSEVERANCE!
Thanks are due to them for letting the thread move to the new FC.
This work... and the immense debt that I owe to the Universe, continues to get "Payed Forward"!
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Tucson, AZ
A very exciting time for me today. Hopefully for the three patients I met today also.
I would like to recognize @HealthyRips.com at this point on our new Starship.
You guys have made the light shine here in Tucson!
As most of you know already, @HealthyRips.com has made an incomparable offer for FC members in the past.
The idea put forth by @HealthyRips.com was to offer 2 for one on a Fury 2 bundle, because I personally and by feedback from the community,
have found that this little dynamo of a unit is exceptional. Easy to use with very little 'learning curve" (if any!)
I was overwhelmed back on the old FC, when a member that has been supportive of my conviction to
Paying it Forward came forth and 2 for 1'ed my cause again!
@OF! ... I know you prefer anonymity, and I promise to never again drag you publicly into my drama here in the Sonoran desert.
Quietly once, and I will drop it!
After the introduction about my love for the Staff and Administration.
And after my seeing the rapidly mounting numbers here on this sight... my mission is renewed.
Many members of FC have "LIFTED" my work with Card Holding, Terminally/Chronically Ill, Low-income/no-income Patients.
I can barely list them all... but look at the enrollment of "NEW FC" and it is very likely at this transitional period (watch today's date)
...every member to date has helped... including the Admin's...
@pakalolo and @Stu You guys are the BOMB!!
Nobody here ever doubted that I could handle an entire community of the lowest health, highest poverty level , terminally ill patients in the world.
I had a dozen units to place at my discretion.
I had been placing them (and spoke of it some one the "OG" thread listed on the original Post here).
** Back to my main thought(sorry.. I am so excited!!)
There is an "OGFC" member, and also a "New FC" member.
I have been able for a long time to keep many of his philanthropic acts to myself.
I am only human and I slip up!
If you were able to access the "OGFC", then you could decipher who...
I was gifted a full box of Surgical Gloves, and a full box of Official Industrial Medical grade N-95 Masks.
My life after staying isolated for a long period opened up.
I began seeing patients on there own ground again.
It can be worked out.... masks during discussion, and Outdoor social distancing with each of us having a dedicated unit for
the actual teaching.
@Vitolo ... Shit or get off the pot!!
There was a homeless Vet that I found through a local M.D.
He was reluctant at first, but we became friends. He had a free cell phone and we talked.
We planned to meet when the "shit was over".
He confided in me that he and 2 friends had a support group.. out in tents, or open in parks.
All 3 had cards issued for them by the state.
All 3 over 70 (3 Viet Nam Vets with "agent Orange" complications)
3 lost to the world Men: once soldiers---living in parks and under bridges.

Each with a Fury 2.
Each received a couple grams of the highest quality herb I could find for PTSD (Super Glue:25% THC).
God... I feel selfish.
I get a thrill from walking away from a day like today.
The patients thought I was a cool old man (I am).
I got to help the poorest... get them using vaporization.. and even (at least today), leave them with a couple buds on top of the units for later.
Since I still use my original Fuy 2 from years ago, we could remain socially distant... Vaporize....
...and talk about the 60's together (6 feet apart).
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Well-known Member
Vit~ Might you or any of your patients enjoy having a Slug?
Was going to send it over, but I was not sure if there is any demand for it...

I don't have a full set to offer, but I want to send over one of my Lotus caps as well. Please message me your mailing address.


Tucson, AZ
A beautiful story of 4 best friends.
They met at the V.A. center.. all 4 Viet-Nam vets.
All 4 were being treated for varying levels of Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.
They were given a choice at the VA Hospital.
"If you get a Medical Marijuana card, we still will serve you and take care of you, but you can not be given any medications from us for your disorder or pain."
All four opted to get MMJ cards.
All were very messed up... 2 of them being homeless, but to proud to accept some types of help.
I must step back for a second....
I was given 12 Fury 2 Units, the people at healthy rips.com are helping, and during your order, they will match the order 1 for every 1 bought.. and they are a wonderful price already. Someone bought 6 and all he had to put on the order was "For Vitolo". I got 12!
How I met the 4 friends.....
Before the pandemic, when we all were closer, before "tele therapy" and teleconferences...
I was still going to my meetings at the counseling place.
I sat next to a guy who was waiting for therapy.
He said shyly "You smell like bud" (I had just vaped).
I gave him my card.
I explained that I was a patient, and that I vaporized outside of the building before coming in. He called me
a few weeks later.. the pandemic had begun.
He explained that he had 3 best friends with cards... could they come also?

We met outside of Wal-Mart
they were there ahead of me.
they followed my request to a "t".
Under a tree on the side.
They were dutifully sitting 6 feet apart.
I had opened all 4 boxes and pre-charged the units, but closed boxes like new.
Inside each box was a ground up gram in a coin ziplock.
I still have my Fury 2 and use it very often.
I brought it in its box so we all had the same.
I wore gloves, and N-95 mask... they were seated 6 feet apart.
I passed out the boxes down the curb.
I left them and once a good distance in front of all I removed my gloves and mask (I was being sure to demonstrate social distancing)
and opened my box.... telling them to do as I do.
I loaded my unit as they did the same.
The rest of the story is easy.
They decided to have a "Fury 2 owners meeting every Friday,
where they will compare notes and offer one another tips and advice.
Knowing the reliability of the device, they should be well set for a while!
As always, thank you so much for reading.
With Love and Light,
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Tucson, AZ
I would like to take a moment to thank a member that is on the old Fuck Combustion. I do not know if he is here yet (I have not yet found a way to search for members by name).
He sent me all in pristine condition..
A deluxe MFLB set with a new power adapter... and all of the extras (batteries, tube and stems for use with water tools and a corduroy carrying case)
An Arizer OG Solo like new!
An Arizer Air with 2 sets of stems (black glass 1 short and one long of each: regular bowl, and double sized bowls.... and and a water tool)
If I learn his NewFC name I will thank him here.
These things motivate me to get out there and serve the community!
God Bless all!


@OF! ... I know you prefer anonymity, and I promise to never again drag you publicly into my drama here in the Sonoran desert.
Quietly once, and I will drop it!
Hey, it's cool. Like any wise cowboy I didn't use my real name when I came to town.......so who, exactly I am can remain 'our little secret'. Well, OK, our good friends at HR know too, but they too are good folks and can keep a secret when asked. No make that 'great folks', perhaps without peer?

At the risk of repeating myself it a great honor to hold the coat of 'the Sage of the High desert'! What you do can (and should) make us all proud. Please keep up the good work, there are good people in desperate circumstances that have you to turn to. The world could use many more like you.

Regards and best wishes to all.



Old and In the Way
So glad to see the work goes on, new Starship and all.
Vito, you are an angel, an inspiration.
As I mentioned over in old FC, I have a Pax2 that just needs to be cleaned up and accessories gathered before I send it along to you. I should make it to the post on Monday. Coming from a loving home, it will be far happier being used and appreciated than it is sitting in a drawer.
btw, I just recalled that the "easter egg" FunkyTown is unlocked on this Pax. I got briefly into the Simon game and beat it once....😵

stay safe, be well.


Tucson, AZ
Some days are better than others.
I have managed to stay upbeat after the dissolution of my 14 year marriage.
I was lost for a while (many noticed my disappearance on Old FC), but New FC began just as I started to feel healed.
Glad to be a part of what @pakalolo and @Stu worked so hard at.
I really like the ease with which the prompts for members names, work first time, every time!
Thanks guys:bowdown:
@FlyingLow Set up a sweet arrangement for me, and he got Lotus Vape to send me a few units that they called "seconds".
I call them firsts!
They also sent me a water pipe adapter to go along with @FlyingLow 's Lotus Cap.
Thanks for reading!
Now a rehash of the past ten years of paying it forward the best way I know how:
In 2003 I was in a prolonged coma and when I finished 2 years of rehabilitation after that coma, Marijuana saved me from
a great deal of unneeded medications. Oh I still take them, but in small quantities. You don't walk away from a 5.5 week coma without some
Pharma involvement. I got to use Marijuana with my Doctor's consent a year before Medical Marijuana was made legal here.
Vape manufacturers and sellers found out about my condition quickly, and began to send me units to BETA test, since I was legal. I made videos... and people began to ask questions.
When I finished testing the units, I would give feedback on how legal patients with varying conditions might react...
I then would give these vaporizers to those of Low Income, who were terminally Ill and card holding MMJ patients.
I owe the Universe a great debt.
After dying 3 times, I finally woke, and survived. I struggled and thrived
I met a woman and for the first time in my life I married.
I am grateful to her, in spite of the fact that she one day flipped a switch and was a dangerous alcoholic that did not want help.
I am grateful... because I got to know love for 14 years, and love was good.
PhotoRyder had a contest years back, and the prize went to the Staff of FC.
They decided to help me with the money received (all of it)... and @pakalolo Started the Original Thread
"Paying it Forward: A New Direction". I got the privilege of posting success stories, that I will continue here!
I won some...
And.. I lost some.......
download_1.JPG :cry:
I built a reputation locally that I take great pride in!
Article%20from%202011-2.JPG Thank's Dan!
I smoked my last doobie on November10, 2010. I stopped smoking cigarettes a few months before that.
my very last doobie
I made a lot of friends on FC.
I think of the FC Staff and most members, as family.
I wish to thank everyone here for reading this.
Thanks for the help!
Thanks for the encouragement....
But most of all... Thanks for the memories!

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