• NewFC is now officially an archive. Please go to FuckCombustion for more information. If you have an account there, use it. If you changed your account name when you registered here, use your FC account. If you did not have an FC account, please register one. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Please read if you have problems trying to register

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Some spam filters classify the registration confirmation email as spam. gmail is particularly aggressive.
  • Make sure you check your spam folder.
  • In many cases gmail (and perhaps other spam filters) will strip the link from the "Verify me" button.
  • gmail (and perhaps others) flag the email as dangerous.
If you find the email in your spam folder, you can try marking it as "not spam". This has worked for some people, but if it doesn't then please use the Contact Us button to let us know.

Your confirmation email might never arrive. If you've tried to register and do not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes, again please use the Contact Us button to let us know.

We can see the list of registrations that have not confirmed yet. If we see that you already have an account at FC then we can approve your account and you will not get a confirmation email. We try to notify you if this is the case but there are so many that some of you might slip through the cracks. You can try logging in to see if your account is fully active. If it isn't, please use the Contact Us button to let us know, but make sure a few hours have elapsed. The backlog is huge right now and only @Stu and I can work on it.

We are trying to send email to accounts that we think are having trouble, but a number of confirmation emails have been bounced because the email address is invalid. These are frustrating because we have no way to contact you when this happens. Please be sure that you use a working email address. As the registration warning notice recommends, you can use a sharklasers.com throwaway mailbox. This works and has the additional benefit of anonymity. We don't need your email address except for registration confirmation. If you set the mailbox address to match your NewFC account name, you'll always be able to check it anyway. If you want to receive email notifications for watched threads, etc,, then you can change your email address once you've registered.

We've determined that gmail is probably classifying our confirmation email as spam because we are sending out so many in a short period. I've contacted gmail support using their bulk email notification form, but they caution that it could take up to two weeks to process. We're stuck with this problem for now, so I hope this explanation will help some of you—an reduce the workload for us.

Enjoy your new home!
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