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Splinter V/Z


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I need to be more carefull with mine. I have one out for repairs to replace the glass (inside) that shattered.


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Windsor, Ontario
I have one out for repairs to replace the glass (inside) that shattered.
Interesting. What country are you located? Did you return directly to RBT? I didn't even consider getting it fixed. Was only thinking replace. Will investigate further. Will contact my vendor n go from there


Long Island, NY

Covered by Warranty (See the warranty language here)

Broken glass is covered for 30 days from date of purchase (Glass repair is available through kgwoodcrafts.com)

Loose Glass (Loose glass repair is available through kgwoodcrafts.com or see YT5 video for self repair)

Loose Splinter 510 Fitting (Loose fitting repair is available through kgwoodcrafts.com or see YT5 video for self repair)

Loss of heat - Herb not browning with a fully charged battery (Milaana) or at max power of 50 watts (Splinter)

Submit Warranty Claim:




Description of failure covered by warranty (how did it occur and what are the problem that you are experiencing?)

Proof of purchase (attach)

Picture of failure (attach)

How do I prevent the mouthpiece from getting stuck in the heater glass?

RBT advice:

Do not insert a cold mouthpiece in a warm unit as it might get stuck as the hot glass in the unit will reduce in size when cool. If the glass gets stuck in the unit, cooling the mouthpiece with ice while warming the unit might release a stuck mouthpiece. Care should be taken to not insert the mouthpiece too tight and a light food grade oil can be used on the mouthpiece to prevent them from sticking.

Add'l. (unrelated to above) RBT info:

Splinter / Splinter Z
Loss / Reduction of heat

  • A mod box with at least 40 watts should be used to produce darker ABV.
  • A mod box with poor power quality can produce low heater power. If available, try using a different mod to verify poor unit performance.
  • Ensure that the center in is contacting the mod. If a mod box is warn or the center pin is low, it will not contact the brass unit pin. If available, try on a different mod box.
  • If the above does not resolve the issue it might be internal to the unit and may need to be serviced if (US Custom) or replaced (Standard) if still in warranty. The resistance should range from .23 to .31 ohms for Splinter and .33 to .45 for Splinter Z. If the value is high or low (no atty) this indicates that there could be a problem internal to the unit.
Uneven Heating
  • Herbs should be finely ground without any stalks or large hard bits. Herb should be lightly packed and the basket should be at least 1/2 full.
  • If the herb is darker in the center than the edges reduce heat by modulating (pulsing) the button and take longer draws (12-18 seconds).
  • The RBT heaters are bisected by a ceramic insulator plate. This can cause asymmetric heating patterns that can produce uneven ABV. To help reduce this effect rotate the mouthpiece during and/or between draws 90/45 degrees.
See these videos to help in your trouble shooting efforts:
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Hey folks... here is a link to the latest RBT plan / update.

There are less than 100 combined Splinter and Splinter Z. Only selling a few a week so there is still time but the Splinters days are numbered.

FYI - KGWoodcrafts is out of replacement glass but will have more in stock in 6-8 weeks.
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