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Discontinued The Glass Symphony


In with the new!
SW Ontario
Continuation of the original FC thread found here:

The Glass Symphony (GS) was the brainchild of a former member at the OG FC, JoJo Monkey.
His idea was to create a full glass vaporizer for the best flavor and amazing clouds.
This was achieved by encasing a cartridge heater in a glass tube that is filled with a thermal compound. The heater section is housed inside another glass piece that is filled with glass beads.
The user can either add or remove beads to customize draw resistance and to adjust the mass of the vaporizer that is heated.
It is run off an enail controller.

This is one of the creators videos that is still available!

I was lucky enough to buy the very first production model of this vape!
Some close up shots of what this beast of a vape can do!

I borrowed this image from the OG FC! Showing the GS in all it's glory!

As you can see it is a fairly large and cumbersome vaporizer that is best suited to glass that has a nice, wide stable base.
Unfortunately not a lot of these vapes are around as the maker went MIA all of a sudden and we have had no contact for a long time now....

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Anyone want to start making / selling these with customer service etc? (Unless JoJo had a patent, im not sure?)

I've tried lots of vapes, and this is by far the best.

Hopefully JoJo Monkey is doing fine (since he vanished), but if I had to guess, he probably just got tired of doing customer service?

I talked to him on the phone and he sounded super smart, so he probably got tired of dealing with a bunch of dummies who didn't take the time to research and learn the vape before using it and asking him questions.

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I wish I was paying attention to FC when this was still available!

Anyone want to start making / selling these with customer service etc?

That would be amazing. I would even pay for a "some assembly required" package.

There was some talk on the oldFC about finding the glass supplier but nobody could seem to do that.


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Does anyone know enough about product prototyping to try and get something started?

I'm optimistic a laboratory glass supplier can probably come up with most or all of the pieces needed, nearly off the shelf, to recreate the piece in the image above. I'm not as sure about where you'd acquire the cartridge heater, or what electrical work is necessary to get this working.

If the heater equipment also works relatively off the shelf, I think it's feasible to come up with a DIY guide and post it online open-source. I would like to confirm as best as possible that the creator isn't interested in further monetizing the concept first before doing that, though.
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