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VRIPtech Heat Wand


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This is a continuation of the OG FC thread located here:
(a bit of history for this thread, the original thread was started by VapeXhale CEO on 31 October 2008!!)

This is a very unique and pretty much unknown vaporizer.
The company, however, has been around for a very long time. They first entered the vape market with the Valloon, a hot air gun powered bag vape!
It is also still available for purchase...LOL!

The full name of this vape is VRIPtech vaporization Wand, also know as the VRIPMaster.
It is an ALL glass vape that uses a ceramic heating element to power the vape, temperature is adjusted via a twist dial.
The actual heating element and handle portion closely resemble a modified soldering iron.

The bowl is a 3 piece assembly consisting of an adapter that houses a glass screen, available in 14 or 18mm and the bowl that fits on top and seats the wand.
The red o-ring seen above can be moved up and down to place the heater closer or farther away from your herb.

Where it starts to get really interesting is the front section of the vape! This is where the magic happens!
A full glass, custom blown attachment that swirls and mixes the air before it hits your herb.
The ceramic heating element is fully encased by the glass section and is not part of the air path.
Best be careful with this beauty as a replacement cover is over US$100...

The VRIPtech wand is known as a connoisseurs vapeorizer by the manufacturer due to various claims as to how it extracts.
As an owner of 3 wands so far, I can say that it extracts very well, just like any other high end vaporizer.

A video from the maker of this vaporizer!

This video also from the maker, explains some of the pseudo-science of the claims.

And some videos from a while ago...

All the way to blueish vapor...

A great vape that does not receive the notice it should!


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AFAIK this vaporizer also played a key role in the design/development of the VXL CLOUD. I believe the idea behind the Cloud was to create a hands free version of the VRIP, some neat posts about this on Ye Olde FC.

“When I want the ultimate vaping experience? I gotta go with the VRIP Heat Wand” - Stonemonkey55 / Seibo :sherlock:


@stickstones i went back through the early FC thread on this vape and it seemed like you were in to it. 10yrs later, do you still reach for this vape? If you stopped using it, what took its place? It seems like an interesting idea.

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It's still something I break out on special occasions. The only all-glass convection vape I have, so it will always have a place. Once dialed in, it's amazing.

It's more work than I want on a daily basis. For the regular sessions, it's the Herborizer.
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