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Discontinued Zion


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Ah, the good old days...

Thanks fuckcombustion.com for providing a place to hide out and take and idea into its best possible incarnation with a group of close friends. The exert input early in the design process enabled the rapid evolution of the RBT technology and that spirit of customer involvement still exists today. Many thanks and much respect to both the old and new staff especially those two old salty dogs Pak and Stu for making this bold move to keep the community alive in a new and improved way.

Wow… Zion. The Z-team will always have a very special place in my heart as they gave countless hours of their time and medicine helping to perfect the RBT HSA technology. Maybe things didn’t go that smooth for the Vape Nazi (that'd be me) but with some perseverance less than 100 Zions finally made it to the faithful few that had the patience to wait. Really looking forward to building the Zion M’s for the handful of people that are on the waitlist.

Please stay positive on the RBT threads and address any business related concerns to ryan@rastabuddhatao.com as this thread is for sharing user experiences and will not be used to address customer service issues. Please learn the rules and follow them and help make the moderators job easy. These people give their own valuable time out of love for this community and their job CAN be very time consuming. They deserve for us all to act with love and respect and be on our best behavior as payment for giving us this gift of fcombustion.com.

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The original Zion thread is a personal favourite and a must read IMO. You can pretty much learn how to use convection vapes just by reading the posts there. Not sure if anything's going to be preserved, but I did save all of the images I could the first time I went through the thread. A bunch were already offline by the time I got to reading, particularly the early stuff hosted on MediaFire:

Zion Gallery

BTW @Rastabuddhatao, are MrPeanut and theKarmaWhore doing well? I remember reading MrPeanut needing to quit cannabis due to upcoming major surgeries. Hats off to those two and the entire Z-team. My Zion still gets used on the regular.
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@seki thanks so much.... I thought all that stuff was lost. Karma and MrP are doing well. Mr. P is still waiting patiently and is on the list for a new heart and kidney. Man... those days feel like a million years ago.

To take a moment to take a trip down memory lane and help facilitate archiving the best parts of the old threads RBT is having a contest... details are on IG for now unil the Contest page gets set up here. It's pretty simple in that it is a cut and past from old FC to New FC of something funny, memorable, milestone, accolade, criticism, tech tip, wood porn or nerd candy and post it here and you will be entered to will a Milaana 3. Drawing in 6/13 live IG.

Here are a few of the Vape Nazi gems of days gone buy... Sorry all... with bombs going off all around me I did the best I could... History of RBT video coming soon and my hope is a bit of behind the scenes might make shed some light on my temporary insanity :)

As for the out of order shipping, I think the Soup Nazi reads how many times you complained and for every time you did, you were put back right at the end of the queue!

KeroZen, Jun 14, 2017

Vape Nazi: "No Mi for You!!!"

beiberhole69, Nov 2, 2016

Also if that screen was glued in I feel our self proclaimed materials nazi @KeroZen would have had somthing to say about it!
Dont want to disagree with your facts. I've just heard different facts

TheRobbo, Jul 31, 2016

@nondarb what's happening to you sounds like a fucked up episode of Seinfeld...not the predictable soup Nazi one, but a new episode; unique to this experience...lol
WakeAndVape, May 28, 2016

Don't let the squeaks drive you mad even if you can't silence them all. Kill them with kindness. I'm thinking some won't get the humor in the "soup nazi" Customer service model. Personally I love it!

Don't let the bastards grind you down!

DieHard, Jan 30, 2016
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Who's still using there Zions? Ive managed to track one down and love the look and feel of it!

Any tips and tricks to get the most out of it?

Seems like a decent preheat then slow draws with such open airflow

Any danger of riding the power to long?
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